Wallpaper designs, colours and patterns

Aspiring Walls offers a showcase of wallpaper designs, wallpaper colours and wallpaper patterns to suit everyone's style.


Wallpaper colours

Colours affect our mood and behaviour. In our homes they reflect our tastes and show our distinctive personality. Whatever your style, there is a wallpaper colour to match or complement it.

Wallpapers come in white, black and all the colours in between. Shiny or smooth, textured, patterned or discreet, wallpaper can be a subtle background, or the show-off centrepiece.


Wallpaper designs and patterns

Look for a wallpaper in your favourite background colour, rev it up with subtle or bold wallpaper patterns, add surface interest with texture, a subtle sheen, or a suede effect.

Browse our virtual showroom for inspiration. Relax with classic whites and neutrals. Turn up the heat with the red and orange spectrum. Calm down with cool and collected blues and greens. Or look for drama from the dark side, with rich chocolates, charcoals, silvers and seriously black. Check out Pacifika for a collection inspired by casual, barefoot living.

There are many more wallpaper colours and wallpaper designs to see at your local wallpaper showroom - we have over a thousand different designs...


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